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What do I get?

Lifestyle & Nutrition Guide 

Home Workout Plans (with videos & descriptions) 

Gym Workout Plans (with videos & descriptions) 

Meals & Macros Guide

Total Daily Energy Expenditure Calculators 

Tools to track progress and manage performance and caloric intake

Support Community & More.

 (Members Area Updated Monthly)

WHY become a courage training academy member?


Becoming a member grants access to private member chats where you can share ideas, progress, meet others on their journey and grow together.


You are given an in-depth roadmap with methods, guides, training and nutritional plans that will help you to attain your set goals. 


You are given the tools to strive for betterment while also retaining independence and accountability to ensure your journey is taken at your pace to meet your targets.


The information and plans presented throughout membership will hold utility long after you achieve your initial goals. 


Simultaneously build a more efficient body and mind. You will redefine your own potential and set the foundation for your quality of life. 


Members are granted access to weekly updates of new workout material, videos, blogs, meal ideas, nutritional facts and much more. Education is the cornerstone of Courage Training Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of service do you provide?

We provide a Community Coaching Model where you will receive monthly training plans that are adaptable to all levels. We provide all clients with an in-depth Lifestyle/Nutrition Guide where you will learn how to focus on Daily Behaviours to bring about the Long-Term Sustainable results you desire.

Is this a 1to1 Personal Training Experience?

No. Instead of holding your hand through a specific diet and exercise regime, we are providing you with the Knowledge, Tools and Resources required for you to craft your own unique eating and training routine with the Support and Accountability of a Private Members Group on Facebook. Here you will have access to Head Coach Dylan with any questions you may have and the rest of Community for Motivation.

Do I have to post my progress in the Facebook Group?

It is not mandatory to be active in the Facebook Group, however it is strongly encouraged as it will give you accountability and provide other members with motivation when they see your progress. If you do not want to share pictures, then even a little update or a picture of the scales would be beneficial for you!

Is there a minimum contract with the recurring monthly membership?

There is no minimum contract, you may cancel your next month so long as it is 5 working days before the start of the next month. To see the best results clients are encouraged to do at least 12 weeks.

How often are Training Plans issued?

Training Plans are released on a monthly basis and will be put on the site the first of the new month. There will be a Gym and Home based Monthly Training Plan for everyone to follow with 4 training days on each program. All plans will have written and video descriptions with instructions on Form, Tempo and Regressions/Progressions.

Are the Training Plans suitable for all levels?

Yes. Exercises given will have Regressions to make it a little easier or Progressions to increase difficulty. Also, if 4 Training Days is too much for you then you can just do a combo of Day1/Day 3 or Day2/Day4.

Is there Cardio Training involved?

Yes, all training days have some short form of Cardio involved. Again, it is not mandatory but encouraged to make the most of your Plan. Remember, YOU make your own choices on this program.

Will I receive a personalised food plan?

No there will be no personalised food plans. You will be given Guidance & Education on how to calculate your Calories and Macros correctly so that you can build a Food Plan to suit your situation. There is no strict, starvation low-carb ‘diets’ here. Just wholesome, healthy, balanced eating.

Do you provide recipes and meal ideas?

Yes. We provide you with ideas for Snacks and Desserts as well as a full cookbook with healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner options. You will never be stuck for a recipe here at CTA.

How long does it take to see results?

In your first 4-8 weeks you may see some results. Ideally 12 weeks is when you should really start to see progress as we are after long-term sustainable results.

It is possible to lose lots of weight in 4 weeks, but here we want you to efficiently lose body fat and keep it off long term. Trust the process and make it a lifestyle and enjoyable!