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Courage Training Academy is an online training service that empowers members with the nutritional knowledge, training plans and lifestyle guidance to make your own choices and achieve your own personal goals. 

Whether you are new to training and nutrition, a competitive athlete looking to stay in shape on your off season or anything in-between, Courage Training Academy will teach you how to craft your own unique plan where you can maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle on the way to achieving your goals. 

Courage Training Academy is a unique online gym where you will have access to a community through a private Facebook group with other members for constant support and motivation. You will have access to Head Coach Dylan where you can post progress and ask questions. 

Training plans are based off of principles used in training high-level competitive fighters that have been adapted in a way to suit the general populous right down to beginner level. If you are looking for a new exciting training program that will not just make you stronger and leaner but also fitter and faster, you have come to the right place. 

Our nutritional approach is to empower you through education and allow you to make your own choices as you will have a much better understanding of your body and how to fuel it correctly for whatever your goals may be. 

Accountability, support and communication are the cornerstones of the Courage family. 

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Gain access to a comprehensive guide on nutrition, training, goal setting, lifestyle balance and other variables so that you will be empowered by knowledge to make your own choices and set yourself up for lasting long term success

Client Testimonials

When I started in the gym a few years ago, I was just doing a lot of cardio work and while I was getting fitter, it was only when I started training with Dylan as my PT that I really started noticing the change in the way I looked. I have been doing PT with Dylan now for the last number of years and through his guidance and knowledge it has helped me so much and has given me the confidence to go into a gym by myself knowing I have the knowledge of what I need to do and to push myself. 

His knowledge and advice on nutrition has also helped me a lot to make my own choices in the foods I eat instead of following a specific diet plan and restricting myself. Dylan has totally changed my outlook when it comes to exercise and it’s something I look forward to now.

If you are someone who is looking to start your fitness journey and looking for someone to guide you along the way, I highly recommend Dylans academy.”


When I first started going to the gym at the end of 2019, I had no idea what I was doing until Dylan gave me my first training programme to give me guidance and set goals for myself. Since then he’s given me a variety of training plans, both for the gym and at home, and has helped me gain a better understanding of nutrition without restricting me to a specific diet plan. I started doing Muay Thai and boxing as a way to improve my cardio and overall health and it has seriously helped my progress. I find it much more enjoyable and challenging than running on a treadmill which is what I used to consider as my only cardio option.

Thanks to Dylan my perspective on working out has changed from just wanting to look good and forcing myself to exercise to actually enjoying my workouts and prioritising feeling strong, health and confident.”


Dylan possesses every quality you’d want in a personal training. He’s motivational, passionate, disciplined, extremely professional and gets the absolute best out of you. I had a lot of old injuries when I first came to Dylan and he was able to incorporate so many different strengthening and conditioning exercises to help me improve my flexibility and mobility. No matter what limitations your body may have, he manages to find a way to work around it and still help you reach your goal. What I achieved in the time I was training with Dylan, I never imagined I ever would. His energy and enthusiasm combined with his relentless work ethic is top class. The best thing you could do for yourself is to check out Dylan’s training academy. Your results will speak for themselves.”


Dylan Meagher, coach for courage Muay Thai has helped me in many fight camps! Be it cutting weight or building endurance. A pleasure to work with and guaranteed results!”


Top class man and a top class service. No matter how big or small the goal is, Dylan will help you achieve it. Would highly recommend.”


Dedication, knowledge and perseverance. Dylan will help you out with all you need to achieve your goals.”


I have been trained by Dylan for the last few years. He is excellent at what he does. He’s approachable and very knowledgeable. He is always encouraging when working with you. I would highly recommend Dylan and his new venture in Courage Training Academy.”


I’ve always lived my life to excess with my 20s being split 50/50 between the pub and the pitch. The advantage of youth ensured that I still maintained a relatively decent fitness level. My weight has spiralled as I’ve moved into my 30s as I never took care of myself at any point. My self confidence took a major hit as every piece of clothing I owned had to be replaced with a bigger size!I reached out to Dylan for help and the results have been terrific. The knowledge I’ve gained on how to eat has been such an eye opener. I always envisioned a diet being a process that left you in a constant state of hunger, but I couldn’t be more wrong. I eat more than I ever have, I’ve just been thought the correct way to make food work for me. With sport back in action, I’m active again and really seeing the benefit of my new lifestyle. So much more energy and a new vigour and vitality about me.The best validation I can give to Dylan’s work with me is that I may be worth a dollar, But I feel like a Millionaire.”


Started with Dylan about 6 months ago, wasn’t in a good place, no self confidence or self esteem.He showed me a lifestyle that is easy to manage and actually makes you enjoy the journey of losing weight or whatever the goal is. He works with your schedule and never puts you under too much pressure with the weekly or monthly goals he sets, but always gets results.Would absolutely recommend Dylan to anybody who wants to change their lifestyle for the better, and wants to be a more confident person.”